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"spring bouquet" colors project bag commission

I’m happy with this bag – especially the side seams on this side.  I am nuts about side seams when they come out well.

spring bouquet colors project bag side seam

I also finished this “spoon” pattern fabric project bag – at the suggestion of M, but she knits sweaters, so I am working on something bigger for her….unless she wants this one.

spoon project bag closed

Then there’s a little shoulder bag out of the “office” pattern fabric.  Please forgive the wretched photography of the bag on top of a bolt of interfacing.  One goes where the light is.

office fabric handbag front


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I’ve had a couple of requests for project bags from people who saw previous bags and I’ve been having such a good time making a bag for each of them (HI A and M!).

I was just moving along, working on each of them together and thinking about the linings I’ll cut next….and I looked down.  Ooh, pretty.

Now, each of these lovely women have an idea of what their bag might look like (M, if you want this one, it is yours – but I also have a larger pattern in mind for you), but neither is here standing next to me to see them emerge.  I felt I just had to post a progress pic.  Next up, lining fabric.

two knitting project bags

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… in my faaaabric baaalooooon!

puffy project bag top

I made this poofy thing as an experiment with puffy interfacing and quilting weight fabric.  I really like the results, it is light, stands on its own, and seems big enough for a smallish project.

puffy project bag side seam

puffy project bag with yarn for scale

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Yeah, “office” is a crap name for a fabric, I know.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I’m so glad to be getting some bags out of the way – they’ve all been waiting for me to finish them!

office pattern tote 1d

A total surprise, but this pattern has a little devil in it – see him?

office pattern tote 1e

I took these pictures without stuffing the bag (or doing a final pressing).  I just couldn’t wait.

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I love this fabric.  I really, really do.  I have finally finished this tote as a sample, and I’m gonna keep it and make more!  More fabric is on order.

fall colors tote 2

I really like how the side seams came out perfectly matchy-matchy, though I don’t think this fabric requires being matched up, or maybe it does?

fall colors tote 6

Coordinated orange top-stitching thread on the outside and the thread on the inside matches the lining fabric (which is a curry-ish chartreuse).

fall colors tote 7

The fabric is so photogenic, I just can’t stand it.

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I had to wait a while for new labels to arrive which felt like a ridiculously long time, and then my computer developed a fondness for tech guys.   I haven’t sewn for what, a week?   I’ve been focused on anything but finishing the works in progress.   I may need to learn not to want to keepevery bag I make.

The side by side tote (lame working name) in Peach came from some color inspiration I had when I realized that this bold purple and orange section of this fabric had some subtle bits of peach and teracotta in it.  I decided to play with that and ignore the screams of the bolder colors that would otherwise demand attention.  I’ve always liked the underdog.

peach side by side tote

peach side by side tote with Pear Ginger label

peach side by side tote with matched fabric panels

I tried to get these fabric panels to match, but they don’t quite exactly align.  Oh well, I embrace its wabi-sabi nature.

large pouch with spoonflower fabric

This pouch is made from the same fabric, but a different section.  I’m a big fan of blues and purples with moody browns – the colors here remind me of fall.

I am glad to get these off the work tables so I can test out the designs I was thinking about while I was making these bags and waiting for those danged labels.

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I’ve shown a few friends and colleagues my bags/patterns/ideas and the response has been good.  Naturally, I am skeptical of positive feedback from friends.  I would be surprised if they said “wow, your ideas suck, you should stop now.”  So I showed my stuff to a few other people – people who I suspect wouldn’t try to shield me from bad news.  Still positive!  A woman who’s opinion I respect in these sorts of things said that I should treat the whole bag thing seriously, not as a hobby or ‘sideline’ but as a real business venture.  I am encouraged.

I’ve got so many fabric patterns and bag ideas/patterns in the works, I don’t know what to do next!  I’m not really even “in business” yet and I need an assistant AND a draftsperson.  Make that two draftspersons.  I have pages and pages of sketches and notes for new patterns, whole collections, colorways, coordinates….whee!  I really do feel like I’ve been getting ready for this for years already and am just opening the floodgates.

Here’s one of my test/prototype bags – I made this tote bag a couple of weeks ago and have been carrying it around abusing it ever since.  I already have a list of details to change like size adjustments, a closure needs to be added and I want to change the proportions of the exterior pocket … it is a work in progress.  I hope that if I improve from here and my bags get better, the fabrics, shapes, pockets and closures all continue to evolve … I don’t think this bag is such a bad place to start at all.

totebag with spoonflower 1c

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