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single strap tote

I tried something today, a medium side-by-side tote with a single strap.  I don’t think this translates to a larger tote (??) but in a medium one, I think it works well!  Especially if it will be used to carry lighter weight items like sweater knitting….

I have another experiment going based on a modification to this bag, so keep watch….(and please forgive the charming background of the photos I take on my table – I seem to finish a lot of projects when there’s no sunlight in my preferred photo spot.

med side by side tote with one strap

p.s. if you look at this bag and the one below, can you see the color shift between two print runs of the same fabric?


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"spring bouquet" colors project bag commission

I’m happy with this bag – especially the side seams on this side.  I am nuts about side seams when they come out well.

spring bouquet colors project bag side seam

I also finished this “spoon” pattern fabric project bag – at the suggestion of M, but she knits sweaters, so I am working on something bigger for her….unless she wants this one.

spoon project bag closed

Then there’s a little shoulder bag out of the “office” pattern fabric.  Please forgive the wretched photography of the bag on top of a bolt of interfacing.  One goes where the light is.

office fabric handbag front

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I’ve had a couple of requests for project bags from people who saw previous bags and I’ve been having such a good time making a bag for each of them (HI A and M!).

I was just moving along, working on each of them together and thinking about the linings I’ll cut next….and I looked down.  Ooh, pretty.

Now, each of these lovely women have an idea of what their bag might look like (M, if you want this one, it is yours – but I also have a larger pattern in mind for you), but neither is here standing next to me to see them emerge.  I felt I just had to post a progress pic.  Next up, lining fabric.

two knitting project bags

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