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I’ve had a couple of requests for project bags from people who saw previous bags and I’ve been having such a good time making a bag for each of them (HI A and M!).

I was just moving along, working on each of them together and thinking about the linings I’ll cut next….and I looked down.  Ooh, pretty.

Now, each of these lovely women have an idea of what their bag might look like (M, if you want this one, it is yours – but I also have a larger pattern in mind for you), but neither is here standing next to me to see them emerge.  I felt I just had to post a progress pic.  Next up, lining fabric.

two knitting project bags


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I’ve shown a few friends and colleagues my bags/patterns/ideas and the response has been good.  Naturally, I am skeptical of positive feedback from friends.  I would be surprised if they said “wow, your ideas suck, you should stop now.”  So I showed my stuff to a few other people – people who I suspect wouldn’t try to shield me from bad news.  Still positive!  A woman who’s opinion I respect in these sorts of things said that I should treat the whole bag thing seriously, not as a hobby or ‘sideline’ but as a real business venture.  I am encouraged.

I’ve got so many fabric patterns and bag ideas/patterns in the works, I don’t know what to do next!  I’m not really even “in business” yet and I need an assistant AND a draftsperson.  Make that two draftspersons.  I have pages and pages of sketches and notes for new patterns, whole collections, colorways, coordinates….whee!  I really do feel like I’ve been getting ready for this for years already and am just opening the floodgates.

Here’s one of my test/prototype bags – I made this tote bag a couple of weeks ago and have been carrying it around abusing it ever since.  I already have a list of details to change like size adjustments, a closure needs to be added and I want to change the proportions of the exterior pocket … it is a work in progress.  I hope that if I improve from here and my bags get better, the fabrics, shapes, pockets and closures all continue to evolve … I don’t think this bag is such a bad place to start at all.

totebag with spoonflower 1c

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