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I love this fabric.  I really, really do.  I have finally finished this tote as a sample, and I’m gonna keep it and make more!  More fabric is on order.

fall colors tote 2

I really like how the side seams came out perfectly matchy-matchy, though I don’t think this fabric requires being matched up, or maybe it does?

fall colors tote 6

Coordinated orange top-stitching thread on the outside and the thread on the inside matches the lining fabric (which is a curry-ish chartreuse).

fall colors tote 7

The fabric is so photogenic, I just can’t stand it.


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I had to wait a while for new labels to arrive which felt like a ridiculously long time, and then my computer developed a fondness for tech guys.   I haven’t sewn for what, a week?   I’ve been focused on anything but finishing the works in progress.   I may need to learn not to want to keepevery bag I make.

The side by side tote (lame working name) in Peach came from some color inspiration I had when I realized that this bold purple and orange section of this fabric had some subtle bits of peach and teracotta in it.  I decided to play with that and ignore the screams of the bolder colors that would otherwise demand attention.  I’ve always liked the underdog.

peach side by side tote

peach side by side tote with Pear Ginger label

peach side by side tote with matched fabric panels

I tried to get these fabric panels to match, but they don’t quite exactly align.  Oh well, I embrace its wabi-sabi nature.

large pouch with spoonflower fabric

This pouch is made from the same fabric, but a different section.  I’m a big fan of blues and purples with moody browns – the colors here remind me of fall.

I am glad to get these off the work tables so I can test out the designs I was thinking about while I was making these bags and waiting for those danged labels.

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Project Bag for Knitting

My first project bag is done.  I like it, I think it needs to lose the contrasting color bottom and have more grommets.  I love this fabric, looking forward to using the same pattern in the pastel colorway!!  that will also be gorgeous.


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