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I’ve had a couple of requests for project bags from people who saw previous bags and I’ve been having such a good time making a bag for each of them (HI A and M!).

I was just moving along, working on each of them together and thinking about the linings I’ll cut next….and I looked down.  Ooh, pretty.

Now, each of these lovely women have an idea of what their bag might look like (M, if you want this one, it is yours – but I also have a larger pattern in mind for you), but neither is here standing next to me to see them emerge.  I felt I just had to post a progress pic.  Next up, lining fabric.

two knitting project bags


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… in my faaaabric baaalooooon!

puffy project bag top

I made this poofy thing as an experiment with puffy interfacing and quilting weight fabric.  I really like the results, it is light, stands on its own, and seems big enough for a smallish project.

puffy project bag side seam

puffy project bag with yarn for scale

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zip zip zip!

A quick note to share my YKK zipper color card.  I am in love.  I plan to order all sorts of zippers, I am working on pockets and closures.  If you are a knitter, do not worry – I don’t want your yarn caught in a zip, either.

YKK zipper color card

I was in ‘the zone’ with my color card the other night, and when I came up for air, I saw my table with fresh eyes and had to take a picture.  Sometimes I wonder if I am spending exponentially more time than anyone else, ever, in developing bag designs rather than just making stuff and ‘going for it’.  I am aware that choosing colors in the middle of the night is really dumb, but when the color card has just arrived….well.  Gotta do what I gotta do.

selecting zipper colors for fabrics

hee hee, what a mess.  The sun is up, I’m gonna review my choices.

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Yesterday it got to about 98 degrees?  it felt like that at least.  Rather than turn on my iron and start cutting and pressing the next generation of tote bags, I took a trip over to Stone Mountain and Daughter in Berkeley.   I go there for their remnants, the sale aisles, and the cotton quilting weight solids.  They don’t seem to mind if I take my pile of swatches and hog up a corner of the store for a couple of hours.  I suppose if I’d stayed in my non-air-conditioned apartment I could’ve lost some weight by sweating….maybe today.

fabric stash score

So for yesterday, I have no bag progress, but I DO have a fabulous pile of solids, new bobbins for my new threads, and a whole host of ideas to try out today.  Today may have to focus on cutting and getting bags started….but not pressed.   It is warm already, and not even 9am.  sheesh.

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gearing up

The development of tote bag patterns and all the other bag designs I’ve been working on fast and furious aren’t ready to debut yet – but I am having a wonderful time working on it.

I am inspired by the feedback from my friends about what they’d like in a bag and also which of the fabric swatches are their faves. Every friend of mine so far has had a different favorite! Awesome!

Before I show my work publicly, I am gathering materials so I will share those photos.

tap plastics haul

I have so many ideas and there are so few hours in every day that I am flying around all day, every day, and enjoying every minute of it.

I ask for comments letting me know what a bag should be. What should your bag say about you and what functions should it serve?

For example, my friend David wants a man’s bag. I want a projects-on-the-move bag for “work” ranging from reading materials and my sketchbook to knitting projects.


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